1. Unpaid Policy:

When a buyer purchases an item on My Medical Supply the buyer is obligated to complete the purchase by sending full payment to the seller.

If a buyer doesn’t pay for an item within 5 days, the seller must contact the buyer to resolve the matter. If the seller cannot resolve the matter the seller can cancel the purchase.

Please note: If on more than one occasion items are continually not paid for the user’s account may be suspended or terminated.

2. Conditions for Selling:

Policies and guidelines specifically related to selling an item involve but not limited to the following:

2.1. Buyer conditions:

This policy outlines My Medical Supply’s expectations of buyer behavior. If buyers don’t meet these standards or if there are breaches to this policy the user account may be suspended or terminated.

Buyers must not engage in the following behaviors listed under Unacceptable Purchasing Practices this is not without exception and My Medical Supply will use its discretion in certain situations where an issue with buying arises.

2.1.1. Unacceptable Buying Practices:

  • Not Paying for items
  • Making unreasonable demands
  • Malicious buying, for example purchasing an item when you have no intention of completing the transaction
  • Fraudulent payments: You must pay for My Medical Supply items using reputable payment methods. For example: PayPal.
  • Cancelling PayPal payment after goods have been dispatched.

2.2. Dispute Policy:

We at My Medical supply aim to help buyers and other parties avoid disputes in the first place. If a dispute does occur, we encourage the relevant party to resolve them early and manage them pro-actively, at an appropriate level. Users are encouraged to determine which dispute resolution procedure applies and act on resolving it.

2.3. Dispute Resolutions Procedure Between Seller and Buyers:

  • Comply with the correct policy
  • Engagement early between people involved in the dispute to identify issues and options for addressing them in a fair and respectful manner
  • Understand your legal obligations
  • Use best efforts to resolve the dispute

3. Dispute Policy: My Medical Supply  

For any disputes between My Medical supply and another party, we at team My Medical supply will take a fair approach and our goal is to achieve a successful dispute resolution. For any disputes users may have with My Medical supply please provide this via email which you can find under the contacting us policy.

We at Team My Medical supply act in accordance with Victoria’s Fair Trading Act 1999 and Trade Practices Act 1974.

3.1 Returning and Cancelling Purchased Item(s):

  1. All claims relating to incorrect supply or transport damage are to be made within 7 days from the invoice date. All other claims will be considered on merit.
  2. Returns must be approved by our customer service staff before returning.
  3. If approval is not given the return will not be accepted for credit.
  4. All returned goods must be returned in original packaging and in a saleable condition. In certain cases restocking fees may apply.

4. Disclaimer

Globally Managed Pty Ltd has taken every care to ensure that the information on this is correct and up to date at the time of publishing the content on the Internet.

Globally Managed Pty Ltd makes every effort to inform you of any slight modifications that may occur.

My Medical Supply ACN 930 582 953, including Globally Managed Pty Ltd, and its related body corporate (collectively “My Medical Supply”) accepts that as a result of its business activities it has an obligation under the Privacy Act to protect the personal information it has collected on individuals.

4.1. Collection

My Medical Supply will collect personal information by lawful and fair means and only when it is necessary for one or more of our business functions or activities. Whenever we collect personal information about an individual we will advise the individual as soon as practicable:

  • The reason for the collection
  • That they are able to gain access to the information
  • To whom we may disclose the information
  • Any law that requires us to collect the information
  • The main consequences of not disclosing the personal information.

4.2. Use and Disclosure

We will only use and disclose personal information:

For the purpose which we had advised we were collecting it or for a purpose that the individual would reasonably expect us to

Where the individual has consented

As required by law

4.3. Data Quality

My Medical Supply will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information it collects, uses or discloses is accurate, complete and up to date.

4.4. Data Security

My Medical Supply will take all reasonable steps to:

protect the personal information we hold from misuse and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure

destroy personal information once it is no longer needed

4.5. Access

My Medical Supply will enable an individual to gain access to their personal information upon request except in accordance with the exemptions contained in the Act. My Medical Supply also reserves the right to charge an individual for providing access to the information.

4.6. Identifiers

My Medical Supply will not use an identifier assigned by a Government agency or a Government contracted service provider as it own identifier.

4.7. Anonymity

Whenever it is lawful and practicable to do so, individuals have the option of not identifying themselves when entering into transactions with My Medical Supply.

4.8. Transborder Data Flow

My Medical Supply does not transfer personal information about an individual internationally. However, if we were to do so it would be in accordance with the relevant National Privacy Principle.

4.9. Sensitive Information

My Medical Supply may collect sensitive information while recruiting new staff. This sensitive information will only be collected with the consent of the individual or if required by law. If an individual were to voluntarily complete an employment application form, My Medical Supply would consider this to be granting consent to collect and store the sensitive information.

4.10. Privacy Inquiries

Any privacy related inquiries or concerns can be directed to the Privacy Officer, P.O box 630, Sunbury, VIC 3429 or email support@mymedicalsupply.com.au.

4.11  Financial institutions

For any issues regarding  privacy of personal information and payment details, refer to the policies outlined in the relevant financial institutions own privacy policies on their respective websites: (PayPal, Zip, Stripe and Afterpay)





5. Contacting us:

If you still cannot find the answers you are looking for we are here and ready to help. You can get in touch with us via email at:  support@mymedicalsupply.com.au

We value your feedback and if there’s something we can do to improve your experience please reach out and email us:  support@mymedicalsupply.com.au

We will respond to your email as promptly as possible.